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Author Topic: Long Island Joe to be Sponsored by Brazzers  (Read 8256 times)
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« on: April 02, 2012, 08:17:50 PM »
Long Island Joe to be Sponsored by Brazzers
What started as a hilarious image macro joke has become a reality.  A few months ago, "stream monsters" started posting funny images of LI Joe with the Brazzer's logo. At some point, Joe thought it might not actually be a bad idea and tried to get ahold of someone at Brazzers.  Low and behold, tonight it became a reality.  

Long Island Joe is now planned to be sponsored Fighting Game player by Brazzers as well as potentially lead a "Team Brazzers"! One of the largest internet porn companies in the world, Joe will be getting money to play professionally and rep the Brazzers name in a "tasteful manner". I assure you, this is not a late April fools joke.

Personally, as odd as this sounds, I think it's really awesome.  The president of Brazzers was on LI Joe's stream just a few minutes ago and plans were confirmed. Basically, this won't be any different than any other sponsorship and if you think about it, the fighting game community is the perfect demographic for such a sponsor. Additionally, Mr. Wizard--tournament organizer of the Evo Championship Series--came on the stream to give Joe his support.  This is the beginning of a beautiful thing Smiley

This just happened on LI Joe's live stream, but here are some Tweets from Rob Steele of Brazzers and LI-Joe himself:

Honestly man #FGC thank y'all for the love tonight! I'm so Excited to be apart of this movement!!! Now let's get to WORK!!! #Brazzolution

@Wyvernx666 @iamrobsteele you think we are both lying?? Ha maybe if I was saying it. But I see Rob tweeting it out too. No April fools here

Going balls deep just got a whole new meaning around here! HEYOOOOO

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